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THE SANDMAN (Der Sandmann)

Posted by Jean Jessup on Sunday, September 25, 2011, In : Comedic 

Review on the Run: The Sandman, a Swiss film, is a very funny, creative and romantic fable about how crapping on your own creative dreams is no excuse for crapping on other people's creative dreams.  It's also a story of how crapping on yourself can prevent you from appreciating people who resonate with your most precious qualities. High production values, great acting and great writing make this a very delightful, engaging fantasy film.
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Thursday, September 22, 2011, In : Comedic 

Review on the Run: The Selling is a hilarious dark comedy about an honest, caring realtor who finds himself trying to sell a haunted house.  Funny dialogue, great acting and great comedic timing.  Rich character development and very interesting office intrigue.  Good explanation of the mechanics of how inter-dimensional beings enter our world.  A light enough horror story for slightly sensitive viewers, but meaty enough in story, suspense and special effects for horror-lovers.  Highly recomme...
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Sunday, September 18, 2011, In : Comedic 

Review on the Run: This is a surprisingly sweet story that takes place in 1977 about Leroy, a KKK leader played by Tom Sizemore, who starts to see the light about his bigotry when he goes to prison and shares a cell with Emilio, a migrant farm worker from Mexico played by Hector Jimenez.  Leroy starts a flirtation with a prison maid, well-played by Olga Segura, who also strongly pushes him to see the effects of his racism.  What made this AZ Underground Film Fest material was the dark humored...
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : Comedic 

Review on the Run: Some Guy Who Kills People was brilliantly written and acted. Not a one-dimensional horror flick, but a richly told mystery with heart and humor.  It elevates the revenge-slasher film to a thought-provoking richly told emotional dramedy.  Barry Bostwick and Karen Black were especially awesome!  A must see!
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