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Posted by Jean Jessup on Saturday, September 24, 2011,

Review on the Run: My first impression of this parody of 1970's biker, thrill-kill drive-in horror movies, was that it's MISOGYNISTICALLY PUERILE (derived from the Latin, "puer", meaning child, boy).  It was as alarmingly bad as any film that I've accidently sat through when I snuck into the drive-in during my high school days in the 70's.  It would be better to have Joe Bob Briggs review this film.  But having said that, from a spiritual perspective (and a feminist perspective), I very much ...
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : Comedic 

Review on the Run: Some Guy Who Kills People was brilliantly written and acted. Not a one-dimensional horror flick, but a richly told mystery with heart and humor.  It elevates the revenge-slasher film to a thought-provoking richly told emotional dramedy.  Barry Bostwick and Karen Black were especially awesome!  A must see!
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