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Posted by Jean Jessup on Thursday, September 22, 2011,

Review on the Run: Savage, based on a Swedish true story, is an in-depth, cinema verite style character study of Kim, a frustrated young man who is trying to lift himself out of the low vibrational life he's grown up in with his cold, menacing father, who makes a living as a petty criminal.  In a forced and desperate attempt to create a new life for himself, he meets with frustration and loss at every step.  His friends lives are unconsciously frustrated by their respective home environments ...
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Monday, September 19, 2011, In : Dramatic 

Review on the Run: Marianne is a Swedish ghost story about a man who is suffering from the guilt of failed relationships and the death of his wife.  He is also suffering from sleep paralysis and experiencing nightly supernatural visitations from a female being.  His therapist takes the mainstream view that his nighttime experience is a hallucination.  His daughter's slightly eccentric boyfriend, believes it might be a Mare, a Succubus-type creature from Swedish mythology.  A very-well acted e...
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