DRAMATIC SHORTS - 4/4/11  These well-produced shorts were all VERY dramatic except for one.

Friday Night Tights by Joonki Park

This was the odd one of the group.  What a charming 3-D animation of a guy who secretly loves taking a ballet class on Saturday mornings!  The animation was not absolutely perfect, but extremely expressive, whimsical and musical!  I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Very uplifting.  It was actually filmed in 3-D. See the entire 2-D short here.

Jay by E.R. Womelsduff, USA

This is a tense, emotional story of Jay, an 18-year-old girl with a very young sister, who is having extreme difficulties at home with her single mom and her multiple abusive boyfriends who all hang out at her house at the same time.  Beautifully acted, suspenseful and well-told story.  I highly recommend!  Trailer will be coming soon.

Hollow by Rob Sorrenti, United Kingdom

Hollow is an in depth examination of a drug addicted couple who try to get off drugs.  The acting and writing were phenomenal.  Although it was very dark at times, it quietly spoke volumes about self-healing.  Highly recommended. 

Shudder House by Joey Dello Russo

A period piece that tells the tale of a teenage boy, Robby, in the 1950's who is brought up in a very strict household.  He is made to play only classical piano.  He discovers the housekeeper secretly plays blues guitar and wants to learn.  The frustration of the oppressive Robby's upbringing is skillfully portrayed in all aspects of this well-produced film.  The ending was just a bit unclear and made me wonder what happened to Robby and what he was going through.  Haven't found a trailer yet.

Ultimo Recorso (Last Resort) by Barney Elliot, Peru

A suspenseful and emotional story of a pregnant woman who gets car-jacked and kidnapped by a desperate and conflicted criminal.  The acting was superb and the story was visually well-told.  See a clip here

Testigo Illegal by Caylee So, USA

This student short was a compelling morality tale of Oscar, an illegal immigrant, who witnesses a murder and is advised by his family not to report it.  Oscar struggles with his impulse to do the right thing.  Great directing and acting.  Nice production values for a documentary style short and nice music score.  I haven't found the trailer yet.