SCHLAFENDE HUNDE (Sleeping Dogs) by Michael O'Connor, Germany- 4/5/11

This German feature was beautifully acted and beautifully filmed in Black & White.  The main character, Jim, is somewhat clairvoyant and sees a vision of his death.  His past premonitions have come true which makes him believe all of his current visions will come true. So he concerns himself with reconciling with his estranged son who harbors much resentment for his father's abandonment. 

Billed as psychological thriller, I thought it was stronger as a exploration of an estranged father and son working towards reconciliation.  And it also serves as a mystery because we wonder how Jim's murder will come about.  I think the thriller aspect of the story was just a device to reconcile the father and son.  It was a little slow for me thinking that it was a thriller, as European films are not as sensationalistic as U.S. films.   Although there is a bit of bloody violence.  Hans-Christoph Michel was especially convincing as a revengeful associate from Jim's past.  Those who like a bit of mystery and appreciate a good family reconciliation story, but don't care for an intense thriller, this is for you.