SHORT DOCS - 4/6/11

A Comic Author X-Ray by Marcos Nine, Spain

A very creative documentary about a very creative guy.  This Italian comic artist and fiction writer, who is very shy to speak, speaks volumes through his work.  English subtitles throughout. I liked this! See the trailer here.

Little Mom by Maria Fortiz-Morse, USA

A documentary on kids who end up taking care of their special needs siblings to help out their single Mom's.  Two teenage girls, caregivers in their own family) were documented.  It was shocking to see that there was a lot of pressure from the families to force these kids to take on more responsibility for care-taking.   There is also group therapy for these "Little Moms."  Very interesting and highly recommended.  See slide show from the film here

Irma by Charles Fairbanks, USA

No voice-over narration for this documentary about a retired Mexican lady-wrestler.  Without words, we follow her to the gym and start to piece together her current routine and her past.  Video footage of her wrestling days is included.  Very strong, well-rounded woman.  She's even a singer-song writer who put out at least one album.  I would have liked to see more about her.  See this interview with the director here.

King Dong by Simon Mercer, Canada/United Kingdom

This was my favorite of the group.  I have a soft spot in my heart for low-brow filmmaking and Len Cella was the king of low brow video (VHS) from the 80's.  Cella started a production company called Moron Movies and was prolific.  Some of Cella's films were even shown on the Johnny Carson show.  He also does minimalistic interior decorating and song-writing.  After 40 years, Cella is still making schlocky videos today and still has the same bad sense of humor.  Kong Dong is the name of a short where Cella found a bomb shell and painted it pink and wore it as an appendage.    Check out some of his videos here and here