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Posted by Jean Jessup on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, In : Documentaries 

A SISTER'S CALL,  by Rebecca Shaper and Kyle Tekiela, was one of  the most surprising, amazingly profound and personally triggering documentaries I have ever seen.  The film description and trailers do not do it justice.  I will try not to create any spoilers but it's easy to understand that a family member's problems are never unrelated to the rest of the family.  As the film unfolded I was amazed at what was revealed.  My family experience was so similar in many ways and after the film I wa...
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, In : Documentaries 

Two Americans was the first film I attended during the film festival.  I expected to learn something about immigration and my current home state, Arizona.  But I learned way more than I expected.  This film is a great introduction to the underlying corruption that pervades immigration policy in Arizona. 

All sides to the Arizona immigration issue were shown; what it fells like to be the enforcer of immigration laws and what it feels like to be an undocumented immigrant in Phoenix, AZ.  This f...
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2012 AZ International Film Festival Reviews

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