The Economics of Happiness is an eye-opening documentary which explores the impact of globalization on local self-sufficient communities and how people in general are effected negatively on all levels of life.  Globalization is tremendously wasteful and the film describes this in some detail.  People whose self-sufficient communities are suddenly overrun by globalization or westernization are finding themselves feeling poor from the new economic pressures.  Self-esteem erodes and leads to a deep depression with the homogenization of culture and the brainwashing of global fashion trends.  But there is a happy ending.

The first half-hour of this film is a downer.  It is a hard look at the effects of consumer culture. This situation can feel utterly hopeless, especially if you subscribe to the fear-inducing ideas of too many people on the planet right now for the Earth to sustain and that CO2 is a poisonous gas.  I don't subscribe to these ideas.  I do believe we are polluting our planet and misusing Earth's resources so much that it would be hard for any amount of people to survive.  But I also believe that the Earth can comfortably support all of us if we respect her.

The second part of the film offers the solution of localization.  Business becomes more accountable.  Locally grown food becomes safer, more nutritious, and offers more variety.  The filmmakers emphasize that going local does not mean going without, but actually having more choice.  And people's well-being is enhanced by a feeling of community that comes along with a more interdependent localized economy.  All the fears of over-population and excess CO2, just melt away, considering a life where people do business locally.

If you have any aptitude for cost accounting or economics, you will love the breakdown of how prosperous we could be if we turned to local economies.  Catherine Austin Fitts, an economist that I follow, has always said that there is great opportunity in the midst of our current economic crisis.

This film is a must-see to educate one's self on the myths and propaganda of the Globalization Movement and to give one strength of heart in the coming economic transition.  It's ultimately a very uplifting documentary.

The official movie website includes a trailer and how to purchase the DVD.