The People Vs The State Of Illusion, by Austin Vickers, is a documentary, much in the same style as films such as The Secret, What the Bleep Do We Know, and Down The Rabbit Hole.  These films use heavy scientific evidence expounded by experts in various fields to prove the existence of spiritual experience.

When I saw the trailer to The People VS The State of Illusion with all the professional graphics and stock footage, I thought, “Oh no, not another one of these slick new age documentaries for the masses.”  But when I attended a screening at my local art house theater, I was impressed that the subject of the film dealt with how our beliefs and emotional memories create our reality.  The film did seem to be a 101 course on emotional life, but did bring up profound ideas on how one can take hold of one’s life by facing one’s deeper emotional storehouse.

It is said that we are using only 1% of our mind’s capacity, but this film suggested that we are only processing this 1% because we are only seeing what we expect to see.  Those expectations come from belief systems that are charged with emotional energy that many people would like to escape.  Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neurologist and lecturer, explained how we use addictions to escape these feelings.  He also went on to describe how many of us try to maintain a persona that is much different from who we really are in order to “fit in” to society.  It is interesting to see nervous breakdowns seen in light of this persona crumbling away. 

Dr. Thomas Moore, who wrote the best-selling book, Care of The Soul, in the film said: “To take this source of life …we get when we are born, deep within us and we can tap into it and you find strength and you find your identity, you find the difference between you and other people…In order to follow it [your own path] does take courage.  It’s going to take you into actions that people don’t approve of, it will take you into actions you may be afraid of…”  He goes on to explain how tapping into this source within one’s self allows the experience of one’s flow in life; to experience one’s full potential and purpose in life.

I am constantly on a search to see how I am continually creating my reality and I see how my expectations can limit my ability to see what is really happening in my world and the opportunities it presents.  Debbie Ford, a life coach, said, “It happens in a moment. It doesn’t have to take ten years on a couch to have a shift in perception.  It takes a willingness and desire to know that what you’re looking at now, when you’re limited and stuck, is not true.”

Despite the new age documentary formula, I applaud Austin Vickers for bringing to light the subject of emotional healing and looking at one’s belief systems as a way to develop self-empowerment and enlightenment.  Even though the concepts are on a beginning level, it really inspires one to start to look within at those dark emotional spaces most would rather never have to face, but are so much a part of our being.

No techniques or exact cures were given in the film, but there are quite a lot of workshops, books, DVD’s offered on the website and at screenings.  The DVD is coming out  Fall of 2012 and will be distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.  Highly recommended.