An important movie for those suddenly finding themselves opening to the spiritual realm.

I attended a world premiere showing of Wake Up at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  No, this is not a conspiracy theory movie.  It's a documentary about a guy, Jonas Elrod, who wakes up one morning and sees all kinds of spirits and entities and can hear people's thoughts.  He's not the kind of guy who was into spirituality before, so he was very freaked out about suddenly experiencing the "unseen" world.

Jonas is a filmmaker and decided to make a documentary on himself and his quest to find out more about what he was going through.  The film is produced by the same people who produced "What the Bleep..."  Jonas follows himself all around the world seeking out the advice of various spiritual teachers such as, Sufi masters, Buddists, scientist/researchers on psychic phenomenon (a professor at the U of AZ).  He met a Native American shaman from whom he felt a great deal of help.  He went on a vision quest at that time.  I was inspired by the vision quest and will try to do one at home.  According to Jonas' experience, you just have to rid yourself of electronic and human interaction for at least two days to start to clear your mind.  He basically camped out in the woods for a while to clear his mind and get in touch with his inner self.

One of my favorite scenes was in a Buddhist monastery where Jonas and his wife had a very revealing conversation with one of the monks there.  His wife had a profound breakthrough at that time.  It was very touching.  During the Q&A, Jonas seemed like a really nice guy, but still a little overwhelmed by his new life brought about by his new experience.  I can tell he still has a lot of questions.

I highly recommend this film and especially because lots and lots of people are waking up, not only intellectually to what's going on, but to their own Divine nature and clairvoyant abilities.  I've met a guy who woke up that way after a traumatic car accident and he was very freaked out about his new abilities for a while.  People who are going through this experience will need help, especially the ones who have never considered these types of experiences to be real or possible. 

Even though this film may be at a beginning level for many people who are experienced students of meditation and spirituality, it has helpful information about controlling one's experience and reminders of how meditation can center you.  I did appreciate that the movie encouraged people to get in touch with their own inner self or higher self, rather than follow someone else and to bring in outside light.

Right now, the movie seems only available during this cross-country tour.  But one can see it online at Jonas' website for $5 and DVD's are available.  I think this will be available to rent soon after the tour.

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