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INVISIBLE EMPIRE:A New World Order Defined

March 7, 2011

"Why there's NEVER going to be a New World Order"  - George Kavassilas

"Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined" is the latest documentary by the folks who brought you the great 9/11 documentary, "Loose Change."  It can be seen in its entirety for free online here.   It can also be purchased on DVD at

It is a well-researched, coherent, intelligent documentary on the definition and development of the New World Order (NWO), the plan for a totalitarian world government.  This film is mainly filled with videos of politicians, famous people from the corporate world, (such as Ted Turner, Oprah and others) and prominent people from the Hollywood film industry.  And all these videos have been gleaned from mainstream media programs anyone can see on TV.  It is very apparent that the NWO has been hidden in plain site. 

Many historical topics supporting the development and existence of the NWO are discussed by showing video gleaned from mainstream news and documentary programs.  Such topics include, the 1955 creation of the concept of the European Union, Oklahoma bombing, Iran Contra Affair, Iran hostage crisis, global warming, as well as many others.

I highly recommend this film.  I'm glad that Alex Jones and Info Wars are supporting this documentary.  I like the people Alex Jones interviews.  But having said that, I like to keep an eye on Alex.  He has a reputation of being extremely sensationalistic and was especially during the Millennium crisis just before 2000 which turned out not to be a big crisis after all.  I look out for his hyped up sensationalistic doom and gloom manner and tendency towards narcissism.  I am also vigilant to see if he is trying to incite violent dissent.

The one thing this documentary does not mention is the existence of an off-world cabal and the ending of their contract for control of our world population.  Even if you don't buy the off-world influence on our planet, you can see how silly the powers that be are becoming.  People have to be asleep to see the desperate attempts for the banksters to quickly implement this plan for the NWO.  Even Fox News shows how ridiculous the governmental changes are getting and how public officials are contradicting themselves over and over again.  I can't see humanity just rolling over and accepting all the increasing, unreasonable restrictions into their lives.  There are some who are still asleep, but many, many are waking up.  I would recommend seeing this film to educate oneself and become aware of what is going on.  But don't buy into any message that promotes the inevitability of the full installation of the NWO.


February 5, 2011

I really liked the first two Zeitgeist movies, Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum.  I loved the ideas about a resourced-based economy and the vision of a world without the need for money.  And the production values were very nice and I was impressed that one person, Peter Joseph, wrote, produced and directed it by himself.  (Excellent job, Peter!) I know lots of people would like a world where they don't have to worry about money, so I can see how the Zeitgeist Movement has become so prolific. ...
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February 4, 2011

I love internet documentaries.  I watched What in the World Are They Spraying at a friend's house today with a group and it was pointed out that there was a lot of mood music used throughout the movie to get one into a bad mood over the existence of chemtrails.  I'm plenty upset about them without mood music.  I didn't mind the music, but this comment reminded me of the original film, Aerosol Crimes, by Clifford Carnicom.  I went back to see this film on the internet at this site: http...
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