"Off to the movies we shall go, where we learn everything that we know.  'Cause the movies teach us what our parents don't have time to say." - South Park the Movie

2011 has been a big year for 2012 predictions of Alien Invasions, fake or otherwise. And I find it quite interesting that there have been a plethora of alien invasion movies in 2011.  Why does Hollywood think that alien invasion films are so popular now?  For decades or more, we have been trained in the U.S. to think that we are alone in the universe. And we are ridiculed and laughed at in our society for really believing in aliens.  So why are they forcing these films into our mainstream psyches?  I'm not much into these Sci-Fi blockbusters, but I am curious to see why Hollywood is flooding the market with these films.

Below is a growing list of alien invasion films from 2011, listed in chronological order by release date.  I've provided my insights and mini-reviews.  I will be adding more reviews and insights as I see more.

THE DARKEST HOUR  I find it odd that this one was released on Christmas Day.  What a festive topic!.  I haven't seen it yet, due to the poor reviews and a desire to save money at the theater. From the trailer, it looks like a story of a bunch of young adults vacationing and clubbing in Moscow for the holidays. There they witness a massive alien invasion that is also going on all over the world. Based on the trailer, I think I know what happens at the end. This film uses the typical alien invasion formula that was used in Day of the Triffids (1962). The typical alien invasion film formula is that the human heros figure out that a simple everyday material, easily found anywhere on Earth, can conquer the aliens at their most vulnerable spot.

COWBOYS & ALIENS Release Date July 29, 2011  I have not seen this and technically it may not be appropriate for this list since it takes place in the 1870's. But it is about an alien invasion and thankfully, the humans always win, at least from the trailer it looks like they won. Lots of comments in the trailer about how the aliens underestimated us, which is what I'm hearing all over the internet about us and the aliens.  All we need to do is stand in our power and integrity and we win!  This is what you do in the face of any bully.

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Release Date June 28, 2011 All of the Transformers movies, inspite of their amazing 3-D animation, really bore me to tears. I was looking forward to Dark of the Moon because of all the speculation about alien bases on the dark side of the moon. But I was too bored to look between the frames of the film for secret messages. Maybe while watching this film, I was being programmed subliminally, so that consciously I could not clearly see the message of the film; but subconsciously, I was being prepared for alien invasion. Just kidding!  

During Dark of the Moon, transformers were battling it out on earth and destroying a lot of high-rise buildings in the process.  I was sometimes reminded of 9-11 during these scenes. I have heard that there are alien factions battling it out for control of the Earth. A lot of the military tension between countries really has more to do with off-world entities than it does with us humans. No wonder many of us can't relate to why we are at war with anyone.

ATTACK THE BLOCK Release Date (in Ireland) May 13, 2011 I didn't enjoy this inner city version of an alien invasion film as much as I thought I would. It was very gritty and dark which put a damper on the comic side of the movie.  The typical alien invasion plot was used where the unwitting heros figured out the aliens' weakness and exploited it to save themselves. So the moral of this story is don't underestimate teens' problem-solving abilities.  The kid actors in this film were really good. And the jokes were great inspite of the inner city seriousness.

PAUL Release Date March 18, 2011.  I actually enjoyed this comedy about a rogue Grey alien named Paul who's lost and gets found by two UFO geeks from the UK who are vacationing in the US.  The two UK geeks help Paul get back to his mothership and on the way pick up a bible thumping woman named Ruth, played by Kristen Wiig.  When Ruth meets Paul, she freaks out at first, but then starts to question her religion and as a result, starts on the road to personal inner freedom.  It is thought that if the governments around the world were to admit to the existance and interactions with extra-terrestrials, religion would be one of the first things to break down and then the other pillers of our society.

MARS NEEDS MOMS Release date, March 11, 2011. I found this "delightful" Disney "Family Film" to be quite disturbing and no wonder it was a box office bomb. Even though the 3-D animation was ground-breaking, the subject matter would validate those theories about people being abducted and taken to Mars to create and grow a colony.   Here's the plot line. Mars is looking for human mothers to produce Martian hybrids.  A boy named Milo has the usual troubles with his mom, but one day, she is abducted and taken to Mars.  Milo somehow grabs a UFO to Mars to rescue her.  On Mars he meets up with another boy named Dribble who has been on Mars for quite a while and is still trying to rescue his mom.  He lives in secret, fearing for his life if he gets found by the Martians.  Really nice family film, eh?  Disney has a history of creating films that show children being torn away from their mothers (Dumbo, Bambi, Snow White, just to name a few).

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Release date, March 11, 2011.   Action films really bore me and this film was no exception. The Marines won in the end because they discovered the source or command center which controlled all the drone aliens. This is how our wars are evolving. War drones are controlled from command centers where unwitting young soldiers are controlling them by software programs that play like video games. Some reviewers have reported feeling like they were watching a marine recruitment movie.  After we all finally get fed up with the unecessary ongoing fake wars on terror, will a fake alien invasion be our next fake war?

ALIEN ARMAGEDDON (http://www.morphiusfilm.com/Morphius_Film/www.morphiusfilm.com_.html) Released straight to DVD. Alien Armageddon was crappily made, dark, depressing, somewhat thoughtful and promoting the idea that humans need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save our race.  This crappy film got distribution in RedBox which has machines all over the U.S., but a really great film Happy, the Movie, has had a terrible time getting distribution.  Looks like Hollywood would rather promote scary alien invasion films rather than films that promote self-empowerment and creating a great life for ones' self.

More reviews and maybe more films will be added.  So stay tuned.