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GI JOE, THE WRONG STUFF, Episode 49 - Cobra Media Takeover

Posted by Jean Jessup on Friday, March 25, 2011, In : GI Joe TV Series 

"We control the creation of truth." - Cobra Commander, GI Joe, Episode 49, "The Wrong Stuff"

GI Joe in general: It's so intriguing to me that the GI Joe animated TV series from 1986/1986 was so packed with references to the conspiracy theory topics that are currently in the public awareness.  I started to go through the episodes one by one.  But I found the episodes tedious and fatiguing to watch at times, unless I found explicit references to what's actually happening with our society today. ...
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GI JOE, The Animated TV Series - A 1980's foreshadowing of NWO conspiracies

Posted by Jean Jessup on Saturday, March 19, 2011, In : GI Joe TV Series 

Offering a discussion and foreshadowing of conspiracy theory to children of the 1980's.

GI JOE, A Real American Hero animated TV series from the 1980's contains many, many references to political conspiracies that are issues for us today in the new millennium.  I was intrigued by articles about the GI Joe series that I encountered in my travels through the internet and decided to see the episodes for myself.  They are available on YouTube - just search on "GI Joe, A Real American Hero."  You c...
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