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HEREAFTER - An Underappreciated Spiritual Film

Posted by Jean Jessup on Thursday, February 24, 2011, In : Drama 

Hereafter - a visceral experience in interconnectedness and a tale of taking a stand in spreading the truth about spirituality. 

I was surprised at the critic's lukewarm reception of Clint Eastwood's latest film as a director.  I think one reason is that the film was marketed as a supernatural thriller involving three characters, rather than a spiritual journey of three characters whose lives intertwine to help each other grow into their empowerment.  I guess I would find it rather boring if ...
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STONE - A Perfect Spiritual Movie

Posted by Jean Jessup on Friday, February 4, 2011, In : Drama 

Official movie website for Stone:

From a spiritual point of view, I LOVED this movie!!!!  It was such a great example of being grounded, centered and in the moment.

The story is about a guy named Stone (Edward Norton) who is up for parole and is being interviewed and scrutinized by a very emotionally closed down parole official played by Robert DeNiro.  Robert DeNiro's character always listens to the religious talk radio station.  The emptiness of all...
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