"People are scared.  The world's in bad shape.  Who wouldn't welcome a savior right now?" - Father Jack Landry, V (2009)

If you are wondering how a real or fake alien invasion could take place, take a look at the 2009 TV series, V.  So why am I thinking about an alien invasion? Well....In the UFO community, there are many people who are waiting for disclosure. That is, people are hoping that governments, especially the U.S. government, will disclose to the public their knowledge and involvement with beings from other planets (ET's).  Many people think that the knowledge gained from our relationship with these ET's would revolutionize the way we live and bring us great physical comfort and reveal our long lost galactic family relationships.

Others think ET's have been with us on Earth for eons and that they have actually been controlling us in the background through our governments, medical and educational systems, and especially our spiritual and religious organizations.  So why would they want to control us?  They want to keep us from discovering our true power and knowledge of our purpose and origins.  Because if we realize that we are actually great beings who can be completely self-empowered, they lose their grip on us.  It's kind of like a friend who loves to get energy from you by being your mentor or teacher and when you start to grow and start to behave like a self-empowered person, the friend gets really angry.  But maybe more so, it's like paying the Mob all your life for protection, products and services and then deciding you can be just fine on your own.  The Mob's not going to let you go that easily.

To keep the awakening masses under control, there are those who think that there is going to be a fake (or real) alien invasion, possibly at the end of 2012.  The reason for this is to convince people to submit even more to their system before we become completely self-empowered and aware of our full-potential.   They do not want to destroy us because they like sucking our energy, so they need to somehow convince us to submit.  When you don't have enough people to control everyone in the world, the next best thing is to convince people to control themselves. 

Think this is preposterous?  See this YouTube video of the CNN interview with Paul Krugman where he says that something like an alien invasion would fix the economy or this video where former president, Ronald Reagan, talked about how the threat of an alien invasion could fix our society.

The characteristics of this type of alien invasion that many are predicting are amazingly spelled out in the TV show, V (2009). 

The story begins with huge mother ships parking themselves over every major city in the world.  A type of TV screen appears on the bottom of each ship with a broadcast of a greeting from the ET's delivered by a beautiful, and stylish brunette woman named Anna, played by Morena Baccarin.  Anna's slogan is, "We come in peace, always." She projects a loving, grounded persona who's only goal is to trade alien advanced technology for the water, minerals and other resources that they urgently need.  The technology they offer would enrich our lives in many ways and they promised to leave when they replenished their supplies. (Yeah, right!)

Anna enlists the public relations services of Chad Decker, an up and coming young TV newscaster.  She baits him with promises of fame to broadcast one-sided news stories to make the ET Visitors (V's) seem extremely altruistic and worthy of unconditional trust.  And not unlike our current TV and entertainment industry, the V's seek to control the media to manage their public image. 

Decker promotes propaganda to advertise ambassador "live-aboard" programs to entice humans to spend indefinite amounts of time on the ships. As the story unfolds, we see that the ET Visitors are actually after human DNA to create hybrids with themselves so that their race can permanently live on Earth.  See this story about Reptilian hybrids. http://www.reptilianagenda.com/exp/e012500a.shtml In this story, the process is painful and the humans do not live through it.

We also discover that the V's beauty is only skin deep.  Underneath their human skin is their true reptilian body.  And underneath their cordial demeanor, we see they are emotionless and predatory. We also see that many of them have been among us long before their ships made a public landing.  And it is also thought that the Reptilian ET races have actually been on Earth longer than we have.  They have high places in government, law enforcement, as well as other traditional institutions.  Sound familiar?  V also shows infighting amongst the aliens, an analogy for the infighting we see amongst governments, corporations and banksters, just to name a few of the ruling elite. 

Like most of the V's, Anna, the Queen Bee Mother, is emotionless, except for fear and anger. She treats her daughter as a tool rather than a cherished child.  Not all of the V's are insensitive and self-serving.  Some undercover embedded V's, like Ryan Nichols played by Morris Chestnut, are discovering the power of human emotion.  For human beings, emotional intelligence is their real power against the V's.

Alien queen bee, Anna, sets herself up as a savior figure. (One of the predictions for 2012 is that a messiah or savior will be a woman.)  She is able to telepathically send a blissful feeling to her followers and children, but it doesn't seem to work on humans, especially the humans that are in touch with their emotional intelligence.  Some of the aliens, like Ryan Nichols, have developed an appreciation for emotional intelligence and in the process have grown a resistance to Anna's "Bliss."

This is a great example of the value of being in touch with one's emotions.  Being in touch with one's emotional intelligence is like following your gut, or being in touch with your intuition.  Relying on intellect alone can be quite confusing and misleading, especially when wading through all the information that constantly bombards us.  How do we determine if something is true or not?  The best way is by getting in touch with your feeling about it.  The feeling level of perception surprisingly gives a tremendous amount of information which cannot be accessed by the intellect alone.

Anna's reptilian family operates on a hive mind system.  Because almost all of them are literally her children and come from the same genetics, they all get their information from her.  Like bees, they all share the same thinking or information automatically by virtue of their DNA.  So it is easy to control them.  This is analogous to humans who subscribe to a belief system; they all share the same thinking patterns.  If a situation comes up that inspires thinking to go against the belief system, a person who does not listen to their gut feeling will override their emotional intelligence to adhere to the intellectual constructs of the belief system.  For example, say a mother belongs to a religious belief system that says gay people should be shunned.  One of the mother's children reveals that they are gay.  The mother can either listen to her gut, which is to continue to love and care for her child, or she can reject and shun her child to continue to be accepted into the religion's belief system. Her emotional intelligence will tell her that her child is a Divine being to be cared for and her relationship with the child will have immense value, love and growth for both of them.  Her intellect will tell her that the religion's construct says to reject the child in spite of the joy and spiritual value that child will bring to her.  If she doesn't go for rejection of her gay child, she suffers from the fear that she will be rejected by the mindless members of her hive-minded religion. 

The propaganda machine's ability to sway public opinion and behavior is expertly shown in V.  The aliens promise Earth's humans free energy technology and miraculous (seeming) healing centers which cure "incurable" diseases.  On the internet, I find many people are waiting for aliens to come and "save" us by offering their technology for purifying the world and healing our diseases.  The agenda of these beings may be benign or a subtle form of control.  It is nice to be helped, but we have the power to help ourselves and our planet.  And if we don't exercise our potential and self-empowerment, we may never know how powerful we are.  Deciding to submit to an existence where we are taken care of by someone else is, as some would call it, accepting a larger prison or cage.

V is a multi award-winning TV show, yet it was not renewed for a third season.  Too close to the truth? 
I see that the V series is telling it almost like it is.  In observing their behavior, the people who run our government, corporations and religious/spiritual institutions cannot be human.  Fans are still dying to see how it turns out.  Me too.  But maybe we will see the outcome for ourselves if this fake or real alien invasion is not just a bunch of BS.