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August 20, 2013

5 SHELLS imagines a story of survival for two sisters in their "tweens" during a financial meltdown in the near future.  What struck me most about this low-budget film was the strikingly, beautiful cinematography. It was filmed in the New Mexico deserts. The shots of the landscape were exquisite. 

This is a dark tale of what a financial meltdown might look like.  No TV, no utilities, no stocked grocery stores, no gasoline to drive anywhere, and people hiding out in their middle-class homes in run-down neighborhoods.  The sisters, Matti and Joslyn, decide to walk on foot to find Grandma's house when their food supplies are dwindling.  Matti brings a rifle with her, but with only 5 shells.  The sisters' journey takes a toll on both of them.  Matti is most chillingly effected by her quest to defend herself and her sister. In having to engage in violence, she transforms into a cold-blooded survivalist.  This is reminiscent of what happens to many a child in war torn areas, for example, the child soldiers of Africa.

The sisters read the book, The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, in the beginning of their journey.  Sporadic references to the book show up in the film which leave the viewer to interpret how their journey relates to the Wizard of Oz story.  I read that book once when I was in high school and found it quite horrifying and dismal compared to the Judy Garland film adaptation.  I've also discovered that the story is an allegory for what is happening in the power structure of our financial system (i.e. Do not look at the man behind the curtain!).  So one could have many points of view on how the Wizard of Oz story fits in with 5 SHELLS.

As well as being a deep character study of the transformation of a pre-teen girl, 5 SHELLS is a thought-provoking film on  a dismal potential future on many levels.

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June 22, 2013

"People like them never catch people like us." - Charlie Casanova

CHARLIE CASANOVA is a very provocative character study of Charlie, a an upper-middle class young man whose personality reflects psychopathic qualities.  As with most psychopaths, Charlie must pretend to feel typical human emotions, such as grief, empathy, etc... He practices crying in the mirror as well as joy. Charlie is a fast-talking, viciously opinionated, highly intelligent man who only truly experiences the emotions of...
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June 3, 2013

"This next number is called, 'When We Awaken From The Dead.'  It's dedicated to Franky Pastor." - Douglas

Robert Mitchum is Dead is a gently quirky story of the quest of an actor and his manager take to catch a break into the US movie industry.  The cinematography exquisitely painted the quirkiness of the landscapes and the characters on them along the road from France to the Arctic Circle. 

All the main characters seem to be living in an American Dream somewhere in the '40's, 50's and 1960's....
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May 19, 2013

"But the great news about the modern world, Blithe, is that everything, oil spills, assassinations, earthquakes, are converted so rapidly into images, that we don't even feel them." - Walter
"And this is a good thing, why?" - Blithe

The Exhibitionists, directed by Michael Melamedoff, struck me as a treatise on the quality of American media.  The story takes place on New Year's Eve in Walter's apartment after he returns home from directing his film.  Walter's cinematographer, Gordo and intern, L...
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MAN MADE MEN - The Citizen Kane of Conspiracy Films

April 7, 2011

Please note: Man Made Men is not an activist film. It is a Sci-Fi film using lots of conspiracy ideas that are now being voraciously studied by those who are waking up and questioning the ludicrous behavior of those in power, whether it is in politics, business, religion or science.  It is a layered story and the acting and storyline more than make up for any inadequacies in pro...

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