Please note: Man Made Men is not an activist film. It is a Sci-Fi film using lots of conspiracy ideas that are now being voraciously studied by those who are waking up and questioning the ludicrous behavior of those in power, whether it is in politics, business, religion or science.  It is a layered story and the acting and storyline more than make up for any inadequacies in production values.  I have to add that I really liked the animation sequences, editing and cinematography in spite of the film's ultra-low budget.  Any of the issues in the film that relate to conspiracy theory are presented in a surprisingly non-judgmental way.  This film is pure Sci-fi, with no preachy political stance.

The reason I nicknamed this film, "The Citizen Kane of Conspiracy Theory Films" is that there are so many conspiracy references in this film, hidden and in plain sight.  I will only be able to identify a small number in this review.  I have been studying conspiracy for a few years now and after seeing this film and trying to review other media in the light of conspiracy issues; I realize that I am only scratching the surface with my knowledge.  But I am learning and I love stretching my mind!  This film is so much fun!

I’m attempting to write my review like film study students analyze the classic film, Citizen Kane.  This film has been analyzed to death with hidden analogies galore.  Don’t worry. I won’t write a thesis on Man Made Men here. (But maybe later.)

In order to understand this film in a general sense, one needs to know one's Bible, which I don't.  When I was a depressed teenager, my mother suggested I read the Bible.  I started out with the Old Testament and as I read, I was really horrified by the cruelty and lack of love or even acceptance for humanity.  So I've never really been interested in going back to it until now. 

I will try to analyze this film as much as I can without getting into "Spoilers" and as much as my current state of knowledge and awareness will allow.  When the film gets distribution and more people have seen it, I may write a "Part 2" of my review.  To see this film, check for updates on distribution at the official Man Made Men website.

My Film Study-like Analysis: Right away I see a few self-reflective analogies in this film.  I'll start out with a filmmaking analogy. A major part of the story is about two young scientists who are working to create life artificially.  When I attended the Q&A at the Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson, the film’s director, Alex Fegan, said that he had only a crew of two while shooting the film.  And I believe that this film was co-produced by only two people, Alex and Helen Sheridan.  So, two scientists creating artificial life may be an analogy for Man Made Men’s two filmmakers creating a science fiction film which is, in a sense, creating artificial life. "Art imitates life."  The scientists want to create a perfect world where there is no pain or suffering.  The scientists soon find that they do not have dynamic life and growth without conflict.  In the same vein, to create a compelling story and a growth arc for your characters, you need drama, which unfortunately includes pain and suffering.

The young scientists work for a company called, A.J.H. Technologies (AJH), which is "A member of the Red Shield Corporation."  All those students of The Rothschild Dynasty will know that the name, Rothschild was derived from the name, Red Shield. (Rothschild is German for Red Shield.)  Their project, to successfully create life, is funded and controlled by AJH to the point of steering the experiment's outcome.  Isn't this the same drama that most filmmakers have dealing with their investors?

Now from a conspiracy and spiritual point of view, in the film, Benjamin Ezekiel the young scientist who was the brains behind the idea to create artificial life, is challenging the existence of God by hypothesizing that if he and his partner can create life, then they are gods as well; and at least thereby proving that God is not the only god that creates life.  (Now please note that I realize this is my own interpretation and not necessarily the filmmaker's intent.)  There are many theories and cognitions that races of aliens have played with our DNA.  It is also said that some of these Alien races have a heavy hand in controlling us to the point of helping to create our religions, so that we can think that they are the God of our present world.  (See Zecharah Sitchen and others.) This has happened throughout history.  We can see space ships in religious paintings, space travelers in ancient folk art and even references in the Christian/Judeo bible.  The book of Ezekiel is sited as having the most references of UFO/alien influences on sentient life, and in the film Benjamin Ezekiel is the brain behind artificially developing sentient life.  Hmmm.

As the story progresses, there is a prophesy, believed by a well-connected elderly scholar living alone in Harlem, that the world will end when man himself creates life.  The scholar enlists a group of Rabbis to stop the experiment at any cost to prevent the end of the world which will take place at the beginning of 2012. 

From a spiritual point of view, it has been said that our cyclical existence on Earth (reincarnation) is to learn everything there is to know about the whole range of life, from the worst of the worst to the best of the best.  And when our learning is finished, we will be able to most effectively create our own worlds.  Yes, we are much more powerful and incredible than we think we are right now. According to George Kavassilas, David Wilcock and other spiritual authors and speakers, from late 2012 to early 2013, we will wake up to our potential as creators in our own right.  At that point, life as we know it (in 3-D) will not exist anymore on our Earth. 

Other fun conspiracy artifacts: The pros and cons for a New World Order are also explored in the film.  See references to Tower of Babel, and a caller in a phone booth talking about not needing passports or money.  Also in the film, what’s hot on the news is the micro-chipping of humanity. And watch out for the Eye of Horus hidden around in plan sight.

I have to stop there or I will get into the Spoiler realm.  When this provocative film gets distribution, I look forward to seeing other interpretations and getting the DVD at my local video store.  See a trailer here