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Posted by Jean Jessup on Monday, September 12, 2011,

Copper Creek, an over-the-top zombie horror comedy, was impressive in many ways in spite of its imperfections.  My review is based on one viewing at its premiere at Crossroads Cinema in Tucson.  At first I was not amused by the over-the-top gross humor, excessive use of the F-word and nasty humor directed at women.  It was almost like the filmmakers were trying to make the grossest, most offensive comedy ever; but in doing so, they almost missed "the funny" (as the Wayans Brothers would say)....
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Posted by Jean Jessup on Monday, September 5, 2011,

I arrived at 9:05pm. I was afraid the place would be packed because there were only a few spaces left in the parking lot and many were parked on the street.  I was surprised to find the the theater only 2/3 full.  The audience had a strangely polite vibe and I wondered if anyone would gong anything.  (See FFS rules here.

When I got settled, I saw a filler short which was a parody on a classic drive-in ad but then starts to go horribly wrong for the concession characters.  Brilliant! Haven'...
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